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January 8, 2023

BYFO General Board Meeting Minutes

2:00 pm | Sunday, January 8, 2023 | Aloft Hotel

Organizer: Stacey Bauer

Agenda Discussion Tasks Responsibility

Call to Order 1:30 pm for Executive Board Meeting and

General Board meeting to follow

Meeting was called to order at 2:32 pm

Stacey Bauer

Members Present Stacey Bauer, Kenneth Bauer, Theresa Ladner, Kimberly Fisk, Jared Fry, Andy Nord, Leslie

Barnhart, Julie Tipps, DeAngela Adams, Kelly Hongola and Mercedes Fraire.

Meeting Materials Meeting Agenda, BYFO Reoccuring Expenses, 2023 Confidentiality Agreement

Old Business

Approval of Minutes from Previous


n/a this was the 1st meeting of 2023 Kimberly Fisk

New Business

Financials: Bank Account Add new Treasurer Kelly Hongola to the

Bank account. New Check book was

ordered for her.

Schedule appointment at

Wells Fargo, Roanoke.

Kelly Hongola

Financials: CPA CPA: we pay an account over $800 for him

to click a button, we have quickbooks and

Kelly has experience doing taxes for a 501c3


Motion: Theresa Ladner and

2nd Leslie Barnhart that we

no longer need to pay an

account to file our taxes

when it can be done by the

BYFO Treasurer: Kelly

Hongola. The motion carried

with 8 votes in favor and 0

votes against.

Kelly Hongola

Financials: Financial Breakdown We have been losing money and then to

get money allocated in the right places.

Have a solid operating budget and be

more transparent with our members

(parents), share the basic cost with our

members (parents): insurance for each

player, field rentals, refs, equipment...etc.

Create an overview of what

the registration fees cover

throughout the season.

Financials: Pricing changes for


● Need to then add breakdown to website

● DeAngela Adams- would like to look at the prices, and get a better

idea of how much everything costs on the cheer side of the


● Stacey Bauer- look at the costs of football, cheer and dance. This

needs to determined and discussed before Fall 2023 registration

opens. This season opens on Saturday, March 25, 2023.

Jared Fry

DeAngela Adams

Stacey Bauer

Presentation of Bylaws Proposed changes Bylaws are in the progress of

being modified and reviewed.

Our bylaws will need to be in

line with NTFL, as they are

our parent organization.

All Board Members

are to review the

bylaws and

suggest any edits

on the google

drive. This needs to

be completed

before our

February Board


BYFO General Board Meeting Minutes

2:00 pm | Sunday, January 8, 2023 | Aloft Hotel

Confidentiality agreement we have to protect our organization, our

players, our parents and our community.

We will uphold the integrity of Bobcat

Youth Football Organization

All board members are

required to sign the

confidentiality agreement. At

this meeting all board

members present, signed the

agreement. Any new board

members added after 1/8/23

will need to review and sign.


Current Open Board Positions ● Director Sponsorship/Fundraising

● Director of Safety

Insurance We carry insurance for our organization,

our players, our board members, etc.

We are open to finding a

better deal with the same


Leslie Barnhart was

going to ask

around with her

business contacts.

Upcoming Meetings Set February: 2/5/23 is NTFL so we need to

pick a date after that. Sunday, February 26

tbd and location tbd

Find location for our monthly

board meeting. Strong wifi

and space for at least 12-15

people is preferred.

Stacey Bauer

Kimberly Fisk

Spirit Wear All Spirit Wear will be through Scott Mudd. Still need a volunteer to help

Scott make selections

throughout the season.

Theresa Ladner to

follow up with John

Ladner as he was


Events for 2023/Community


● Going to the nursing home, toy

drive, food drive to help teach our

players how to give back and do

other things outside of football

and cheer.

● AT&T- this is a Lantana

Fundraising, we wrote a check to

Lantana for $26,000.

● Theresa Ladner has an option,

Jamboree Black and Blue Day

PreSeason Scrimmage. $5 entry

fee, bounce houses, food trucks.

This would need to be voted on

during our meeting.

● Stacey Bauer is

meeting with

Harvest Assisted

Living and looking

at Mother’s Day and

Father’s Day. Toy

Drive is tbd as our

Santa is retiring.

● This will be a vote as

a board before we

open registration

opens on March 25,


● If we do the other

option, we would

need to secure the

date, schedule


● Add to next

meetings agenda,

as we need to vote

on AT&T/Jamboree

Black & Blue Day



All board members

who are interested

in seeking other


involvement events