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Bobcat Pride!!!

Welcome to Bobcat Cheer!!  We are excited that you are part of the Bobcat Cheer Family!! 

Bobcat Cheer offers cheerleading to girls ranging from 1st grade up to 6th grade.  The goal of Bobcat Cheer to create a fun atmosphere for our girls to learn basic and complex cheerleading skills.  It is important for our girls to build life-long friendships while promoting loyalty, honesty, courage, leadership, and sportsmanship. 

Cheer Creed

I am a Cheerleader,

I always bring my best to practice and to perform, 

I am always rested, healthy and focused for my friends, 

I am respectful, kind and without judgement, 

I will help others when needed and support my entire cheer family.

Cheer Squad Commitment

  • I will be kind to my cheer family, everyone is equal.

  • I will be at practice and games on time.

  • If I can't make it to practice, I will let my coach know.

  • I will be responsible for my own equipment- It is not my parents fault if I forget!

  • I will know what is going on in my Cheer world.  

  • I will communicate with my coach if there is a problem. 

  • I will communicate with my coach if I am hurt or I don't feel good.  

  • I will follow safety rules and speak up if I have a concern.

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