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Welcome to Bobcat Cheer!! We are excited to welcome you to our Bobcat Cheer Family!!

Bobcat Cheer offers cheerleading to girls & boys ranging from Kindergarten to 6th grade.


The goal of Bobcat Cheer is to create a fun atmosphere for our girls to learn basic cheerleading skills.


It is important for our girls to build life-long friendships while promoting loyalty, honesty, courage, leadership, and sportsmanship.


● Be respectful to coaches and squad members
● Be encouraging and supportive to fellow squad members
● Be at the majority of practices and games as well as being on time
● Notify coaches if you are not able to attend a practice or game
● Pay attention during practice and at games
● Adhere to all codes of conduct and bylaws of organization
● Have fun while enthusiastically cheering on our football players!



● Determine practice times and locations
● Lead practice in instruction of cheers, chants, stunts, halftime dances
● Keep parents informed of practice and game schedules as well as information pertaining
to any special events
● Direct all cheer activities at football games
● Responsible for directing the squad at all special/community events such as cheer
camp, Meet the Bobcats, etc.
● Assist in determining Assistant Cheer Coaches/Team Moms for squad
● It is very important that all cheer coaches are available to attend practices and games
● Adhere to all codes of conduct and bylaws of organization




Bobcat Youth Cheer offers Cheer Camp to all registered Cheerleaders for the upcoming Fall season. 


Cheerleaders will be instructed on cheer techniques, jumps, stunts, cheers, sideline dances, unison and safety.


Camp is divided between squads that cheer for Flag football teams and Tackle football teams and skill level instruction is based on grade. 


This is also an excellent opportunity for Cheer Coaches to learn cheers and techniques to go over during weekly practices.  

Cheer Camp is an optional event to attend but is highly encouraged.  Registration for Camp will be handled by Head Cheer Coaches for each squad.  Camp will be for two hours on a weekday evening in August.  Dates and times can be found here: Cheer Calendar  

TBD Early August 2023


We are excited to be preparing a brand new Cheer Camp experience for the 2023 Cheer season and hope to see you there!!!





Included in Registration

  • Cheer Uniform

    • Shell​

    • Skirt

    • Briefs

    • Blue Bow

    • Pom Poms

  • Camp Shirt​

  • Pink bow

  • Use of Pink Poms in Oct.

Additional Equipment

  • White Cheer or Athletic Shoes

  • White No Show Socks

  • Other accessories as determined by the teams Head Cheer Coach.  These will be communicated by the coach when teams are announced.

Cheer Calendar

July 1, 2023

Bobcat Night with the Frisco Fighters

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