Our Mission

Bobcat Youth Football Organization is a non-profit, amateur, youth athletic association, whose mission is to harness the power of football and cheer-leading to build a better future, with great character in our student-athletes. Attitude, commitment, discipline and sacrifice will be used to build a successful program. The goals of the Association are: to allow every child in our community the opportunity to play competitive football and cheer-leading. We achieve this through teaching fundamental skills with safety; demonstrating and encouraging behaviors in our volunteers and participants that develop good sportsmanship and character. We strive to create a positive atmosphere of teamwork, dedication, achievement and a healthy competitive spirit.


Board Members

Savannah Harris


Stacey Bauer

Vice President

Jeff Sims


Kimberly Morris


Jason Martinson

Directors of Football

Stephanie Moore & Sean Jones

Director of Cheer

Brad Blankenship & Erin Schindel

Director of Sponsorships

Stacey Bauer

Director of Communications

Jared Fry

Director of Game Day Operations

Erin Schindel

Director of Social Media

Kenneth Bauer

Director of Equipment

Theresa Ladner

Director of Team Moms

Jared Fry