(c) 2018 Bobcat Youth Football Organization

Our Mission


Bobcat Youth Football Organization is a non-profit, amateur, youth athletic association, whose mission is to harness the power of football and cheerleading to build a better future, with great character in our student-athletes. Attitude, commitment, discipline and sacrifice will be used to build a successful program. The goals of the Association are: to allow every child in our community the opportunity to play competitive football and cheerleading. We achieve this through teaching fundamental skills with safety; demonstrating and encouraging behaviors in our volunteers and participants that develop good sportsmanship and character. We strive to create a positive atmosphere of teamwork, dedication, achievement and a healthy competitive spirit.

Our Coaches

Board Members

President- Savannah Harris
VP- Rodney Waddell

Secretary- Stacey Bauer
Parliamentarian/NTFL- Jeff Sims
Treasurer- Savannah Harris/Stacey Bauer
Directors of Football-Shane Hesters/Jason Martinson
Director of Cheer- Suzanne Gibson/Amanda DuBois 
Director of Sponsorships-Brad Blankenship 
Director of Communications- Stacey Bauer
Director of Game Day Operations- Jared Fry

Director of Social Media Erin Schindel
Director of Equipment- Rodney Waddell
Team Mom Coordinator-Theresa Ladner   

Webmaster-Stacey Bauer/Jared Fry

Our Program